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In order to enjoy the services offered by Umbanda Free, the customer must guarantee a continuous and fast connection to the Internet. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining and paying for his Internet connection, which will allow him to enjoy the platform. The customer recognizes that the quality of the Internet connection depends, among others, on the Internet access provider and the Internet infrastructure provider, on the volume of other uses that the customer makes in the available band at each moment and also on the quality of the equipment. connector in your possession. Umbanda Free is not responsible for any faults and / or problems in the visualization attributed to a defective, interrupted or slow Internet connection or to any other problems with the customer's Internet connection or service.

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Summing up...

To enjoy Umbanda Free, ensure a continuous and fast internet connection.


Umbanda Free payment is recurring through MONTHLY or SINGLE, depending on the product to be purchased and the payment methods available are bank payment slip and credit card via monetizze or other secure and digital payment platforms.

In the case of purchasing a service with recurring or MONTHLY payment, such as a Course or Members Area that fits the PAGO model, failure to access the platform and / or not using the services provided by us will not exempt the customer from payment monthly fee. Purchasing via credit card will result in automatic payment every month and will appear on your card statement. Purchasing via bank slip will result in monthly sending to the email address registered at the time of purchase if this option is released for products with recurring payments.

The payment will be interrupted upon the request to cancel the user's subscription with the Umbanda Free team, or Monetizze, or the platform used at the time of subscription, if there is no cancellation request, the payment will normally occur at each recurrence period.

In the case of purchase with SINGLE payment, there will be a single payment via credit card or boleto according to the customer's preference and the customer will receive the desired product, be it virtual or physical. In the case of a physical product, it will be delivered via post or carrier.

Summing up...

Umbanda Free is a supplier group of physical and digital products operating through the internet, with several different ways to purchase our products as a single or recurring payment, in cash or in installments according to your choice and the product to be purchased, being able to choose from the various payment methods available.


The customer has the right to request the cancellation of the purchase and the refund until the expiration of the guarantee informed on the sales page of the product or service in question or up to 7 days after receipt of the product, in each physical product, being valid the term of whichever is greater.

Ex: Customer bought 03/03/2020

30-day extended warranty = 4/3/2020

Customer received the product by mail error only on 01/04/2020

7-day warranty after receipt of the product = 08/04/2020


Longer valid warranty = 4/8/2020

In the case of a credit card, the purchase amount will be refunded on your next credit card statement or on the subsequent month's invoice, that is, from 30 to 60 days, depending on the closing date of your invoice.

The reversal of the amount paid via bank slip will be via checking account. As soon as the refund is made in the MONETIZZE system or partner platform for payments used at the time of purchase, the user will receive an email with a link to register the bank account where the refund will be made.

In the case of the purchase of a product or service with recurring or monthly payment, the customer has the right to cancel his subscription at any time, but a refund over 30 days will not be granted, except in cases of exception that will be analyzed by our team.


1 - In order to activate the guarantee and refund, the customer must be within the period established according to the Warranty stipulated by the company at the time of purchase.

2 - Being on time, the customer must send an email to suporte@umbandagratis.com requesting the activation of the money-back guarantee and refund of the amount paid for the product.

3 - In order to make the refund, the customer will have to return the purchased products to the address indicated when the warranty is activated by e-mail.

4 - The realization of the refund and validation of the guarantee will take place after analyzing and receiving the products, only if the product is in perfect condition, sealed, packaged and not violated.

5 - In the case of the purchase of only 1 bottle it will be acceptable that it is violated since the customer may have already started consumption before its withdrawal.

6 - In case the purchase is more than 1 bottle, it will only be acceptable to activate the guarantee if only 1 bottle is violated.

7 - Shipping costs for product shipment for analysis and conclusion of the activation of the guarantee and refund are at the customer's expense.


The delay in the monthly payment of Umbanda Free may result in the blocking of access to the platform without prior notice, the release will only happen upon payment of the monthly fees in arrears.


A discount coupon delivered by Umbanda Free and its partners can be used only 1 (one) time and limited to a single CPF / CNPJ, that is, it is non-transferable and is not cumulative. The discount coupon can only be activated by new subscriptions and the maximum validity is 2 (two) months. If the subscriber does not express an interest in canceling the subscription before the third month, the full monthly fee will be charged.


Access to the product or product shipment will be granted after payment is identified, access data or confirmation of purchase and product shipment will be sent via email, if it does not arrive immediately there will be 5 shipping attempts following the following pattern :

• Immediate shipping after subscription or purchase;
• 30 minutes after subscription or purchase;
• 2 hours after the first sending attempt;
• 4 hours after the second sending attempt;
• 24 hours after subscription or purchase;


Technical support for any of Umbanda Free's products will take place via online chat, Whats App, Support phone or email during business hours, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday, to access the Whats App or any support service go to the footer of the website for any of the Umbanda Free products.


The sharing of access data is not allowed under any circumstances, the subscriber may have his access blocked if the system identifies access by different IPs. For blocked accesses, the subscriber will have to wait up to 72 hours for their access to be released again, after analysis by our IT team.
Sharing access data, as well as copying and / or distributing content without written authorization from the author is considered piracy. Piracy is a crime and, if identified and proven, the offender will be prosecuted, thus responding to the terms provided for by law.


By subscribing to a recurring or monthly payment product from Umbanda Free, the customer is fully aware that the system undergoes changes on a daily basis, with no prior notification required for each change, unless we deem it necessary.

The customer is also fully aware that there is a possibility of encountering "system bugs", that is, failures in the processes, as well as facing slowness and the inability to use the system for a few hours.

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