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Umbanda Grátis

Hello, my name is Diego Domett, I am the director and administrator of Umbanda Grátis and here I will usually be the one who will see you talking a lot about Umbanda and Spirituality, in Umbanda Courses or in our videos.

I am a medium and when my mediumship expanded, showing the need to be developed, I was completely bewildered, I had no belief and no interest in having like most young people my age. I have always wished for fun and many adventures for my distraction. But I got to the point where I saw that I needed something beyond and above me to help me with what I was going through.


I am extremely curious and proactive and I was told that I needed to study to lose my fear and understand what was happening to me, well, I thought so:


- "Well, if the way I am, I will end up going crazy. If what I need is to study, then I will study because in the worst of everything, if I remain without believing in anything, I will understand about a subject that I have not yet know and knowledge is always welcome and is never enough. "


Soon I started to go ahead and research on the subject and I came across unacceptable and unscrupulous things, in the face of a moral essence that I always kept within me. But I stood firm and researched more, but carefully about what I would assimilate in my research. For 2 years on this journey, I decided to make this site and make available all the subjects and serious materials that I found during my research that helped me a lot, also providing courses in this channel with the content that I learned from my point of view in a basic and free so that I can help people who are going through what I went through. In this reformulated project of Umbanda Free, we will have partnerships that will add a lot of value to everyone's learning, and we will offer, in addition to free Umbanda courses, more complete paid courses for those seeking a deeper understanding of our beloved religion.

Stored and unused information is knowledge, knowledge in motion and practice generates wisdom. Escape the mischief and limitations of Ignorance, evolve your spirit!

Our mission

Bring spiritual guidance to those in need as far as possible, producing valuable content that adds knowledge, wisdom and spiritual growth, helping to connect the being with the Divine and Sacred Being of each one.


Our vision

To be noted worldwide as an Umbanda and Spiritualist reference in an informative, educational and spiritual assistance way through our Umbanda, without limitations or limiting religious dogmas. Be the best online spiritual educational platform.

Team Umbanda Grátis

Diego Domett  (Fundador do projeto)

Medium active in the Brazilian Umbanda religion. Spiritualist, Writer, scholar and researcher on the topic of Spiritualism.

Profession: Entrepreneur and University Professor

Education: Marketing, Digital Media Management, Management and Teaching in Higher Education

Cargo Umbanda Grátis: Speaker,   CEO, Content Creator, Founder and Administrator of Umbanda Free since 2013.

Marcell Oliveira

Medium and Umbandista since the age of 7, Priest of Umbanda at 8, Tarologist for over 20 years.

Profession: Writer, Spiritual Director of the Umbanda Natural Mother Divine Temple in Connectcut - USA and Speaker

Formation: Behavioral Coach and Tarologist

Cargo Umbanda Grátis: Speaker,   Content Creator, Tarologist, Spiritual Advisor.

Otávio Muraca

Médium e Umbandista a mais de 10 anos, Tarólogo, Design Gráfico e Editor, Estudante de Astrologia e misticismo, Terapeuta.

Profissão: Web Design, Terapeuta, Editor e Tarólogo

Formação: Terapeuta Holístico, Reiki, Tarô e outros.

Parceiro Umbanda Grátis: Editor de conteúdo e Tarólogo, Palestrante e Professor.

Team Umbanda Grátis


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Umbanda Grátis

Umbanda Grátis is licensed under a Creative Commons License - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Based on the work available at www.umbandagratis.com.br. Additional authorizations to those granted under this license may be available on the website.

Email : umbandagratis@gmail.com

Phone : 55 21 998549390

Owner: Diego Domett

Country: Brazil

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