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Our Projects

Umbanda Free works by developing projects and partnerships for the development of our Religion in a direct and indirect way. We always intend to aim in some way through the collection of donations and specific actions, to bring Love and Charity to those who need it, encouraging them not only to think, but to collaborate with love and compassion for others.

Project - Hydrate with Love

Many think of how difficult it must be to starve, to be cold, or not to have a roof to sleep safely. Yes, all this is certainly very complicated, but it requires a little more organization to be able to collect donations and unfortunately it is not something you can do every week is it?

Well, in one of our actions to help homeless people in Rio de Janeiro, we took food and bottles of cold water for donation and noticed something incredible. Many were homeless people who came in too despair in the search for a bottle of water to drink, we noticed there how simple it can be to collaborate with those who need it so the Hydrate with Love project was born. Click below to find out more!

Project - Tsara by Gypsy Wladmir

Gypsy Wladmir is a spirit friend of many lives who walks with me in this incarnation as my spiritual guide. An Arab gypsy who traveled vast paths in the Desert of Egypt and absorbed great magical knowledge that only the beauty and mystery of the Roma people carry. His path in charity and in Love for neighbor, brings him as my Chief Guide where he will develop through my subject a work of charity to those in need of spiritual assistance in Rio de Janeiro. At the same time, together with his Gypsy Caravan, he will have his mission to develop this work with great love. But many things are necessary for that, isn't it?

Click below to learn more about the Gypsy Wladmir's Tsara Foundation Project, and how to collaborate with the foundation of the site.

Project - The Union is strength

We know that our beloved Umbanda and all religions of African origin are a great target of religious intolerance in Brazil. Fighting, screaming does not solve, unfortunately what we have to do is seek our rights in the Brazilian Justice, but in addition we must be the living example of Union that our religion addresses so much.

Therefore, if your terreiro suffered an attack of religious intolerance, was broken, depredated or something, we are sure that it is very important for the spiritual comfort of the community in which it is inserted and we will join our forces for the most as soon as possible we recover the site and make it come back in full force in its work.

Get in touch with us and we will put together a quick restructuring plan, collecting donations and help to win this process together. Click to learn more.

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Umbanda Grátis

Umbanda Grátis is licensed under a Creative Commons License - Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Based on the work available at www.umbandagratis.com.br. Additional authorizations to those granted under this license may be available on the website.

Email : umbandagratis@gmail.com

Phone : 55 21 998549390

Owner: Diego Domett

Country: Brazil

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