Hydrate with Love

We never think like that, because thanks to the Good Lord I believe that the majority of people who have access to our website, never have step by that. 70% of our body is filled with water, imagine what can really cause us to lack it in our body. Thirst literally speaking, going for days without drinking drinking water, without a doubt, must be the worst feeling that human beings can have.

In a Social Action that we did in Rio de Janeiro, we were distributing bottles of water and warm food. At first everything was going well, but when we looked around, we realized that several of them wanted to get water only, others asked to change the warm one for water, it left us a little confused. Until we spoke to a man who also came to get water, who despite being a homeless person, he seemed quite cultured and polite.

It was there that we found out through this gentleman, where he told us that hunger is quite sacrificing, but thirst really mistreats the mind and the soul. And on the street, it is much harder to get good water to drink than food. Now imagine, at dawn we feel thirsty, and all we need to do is get up and go to the fridge, get a nice bottle of cold water and drink to quench our thirst.

Do not throw away bottles of mineral water anymore. The Hydrate with Love Project is an incentive for the umbanda brothers and the like. We are going to fill bottles of mineral water with filter water, immanate this water leaving a green quartz crystal beside it, asking for Health and Prosperity and emanating energies of health, strength and harmony in this water. On Wednesday, put these water bottles in the refrigerator or freezer and every Thursday, the day dedicated to Oxóssi in our week, take at least 2 bottles with you when you leave in the morning and donate them to a homeless person, elderly person, child , young person or anyone in need. Or join a group and go out together at night to deliver these water bottles together.

But remember, if water is the best and most potent energy conductor there is. I love this water positively, with strength mainly so that the person finds the cure for what he needs in the pilgrimage of his difficulty and has the strength to fight for the resolution of his situation.

We collect donations to buy water bottles and distribute on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, if you prefer, you can help us with the project by making your donation your donation. Just click on the button below and we thank you for your attention to our ideal.

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