Unity is strength

We really intend to take the Oxalá flag to the whole world. Some points are important to note in this intention. What do we really do for that? I really wonder.

It is more common to see criticism among Casas de Umbanda, than really a union to which we must really preach. In Umbanda, there are no dogmas, there are missions and each being has its role in humanity, most of Umbanda's houses are not communitarian and in specific places to serve the people of that region.

With this there are 2 main points that this project intends to address. Combating religious intolerance and depredation and destruction that many houses and temples in Umbanda suffer. This will be a channel for reporting and disclosing these occurrences, where we will together collect the law enforcement agencies responsible for investigating what happened.

In addition, our role is also to collect contributions to assist the recovery of this location for its continued operation. Umbanda is a key to unity and we need to be together to reach in a united way those who need to obtain clarification through our religion. To contribute with reservations for this project just click on the button below.

To make a report of what happened, send an email to umbandagratis@gmail.com, with the subject of the email "DENUNCIATION". We count on you and thank you for your attention in our projects.

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